Brevard Jeeps- The ultimate Jeep family

About Brevard Jeeps

Brevard Jeeps LLC was founded by a group of friends who loved Jeeps but didn't want to pay to be a part of a club, and so Brevard Jeeps was formed. Not as a club, but as a Jeep Family.                      

They are a group of people who love the Jeep life, and who have a great respect and desire to help everyone within the Jeep community- as well as their own. They're also exceptionally active with some great charitable events which we look forward to being part of, including Krawl'in For The Fallen, Jeep'in With Judd and Jeep Beach here in Florida.                      

With monthly, sometimes weekly meets, a huge local community presence made up of a family of Jeep enthusiasts- there's no other group of people we'd like to be partnered with more!